I saw those tutorial videos, grazer

Bet you didn’t expect me to catch you :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I must say- I’m quite impressed. Being a veteran and all, I actually find these videos good. They’ll be very helpful to newcomers

Gad, he sounds like HandUnit

Wait… that must mean…

Thank you for selecting Exotic Butters

10/10 understandable voice, good explanation and nice effects



It would be even more fantastic if he voiced out my fnaf game as the bot :bleep_bloop:
lol jk

Also, I added them to the video tutorials page, along with your videos finally @Latif3 - http://flowlab.io/video_tutorials


Nice well done

Nice voice, grazer. Those were good, simple, and easy to follow tutorials. New users will love those. That electronics version of black Friday should be coming up, so maybe I’ll save money for a decent laptop and make a couple tutorials for really complicated stuff, like boss battles, water physics, and technical game designs.

Remember a year or so ago when neither of us could figure out how to make an 8 directional run and gun shooter, because we were too focused on using half sprites? I know exactly how to make one now. I may even be able to make stuff like Metroid morph ball as well, but it would be a major help if you make a behavior for animations that set a new hitbox, for crouching and rolling. I’d hate to have to rely on enabling and disabling alpha attachments, but that’s probably a good work around.

Things like these are tutorials that nobody needs nor asks for, because they struggle with basic stuff. If users get the hang of normal stuff, they might get curious about more advanced ideas like hills and advanced AI that do more than walk back and forth. If you’ve ever played Metroid Fusion, the SA-X are very advanced AI. I’ve made a few in LittleBig Planet using the Sackbot logic nodes, and the logic nodes are about the same as coding, so I could probably make some pretty smart CPU teammates and enemies, which would be worth recording for future users.

Cyber Monday!

Friday the 13th.