I think I had a oopsie

Plz me made big oopsie no comment plz

Well, I think you just need to be patient and someone should help soon. You can just get upset and start demanding for people to join, thats probably why no one even bothers to help out. Ive had many discussion where no one replied to help me and thats okay. It happens to most of us so dont take it too personally. Just try to find a solution around your problem and try not to heavily rely on someone else.

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Im not talking about help

I agree with @ManiacPumpkin It’s not you it really does happen to all of us. do you really think if @Latif would post a game jam everyone would join (even if you do the answer is no). a lot of the time people are working on other things of are just too busy for something like that. even if you were the most popular person on flowlab (not talking about latif that was just an example). people will be even LESS willing to compete in your game jam when your trying to force it onto them

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Im not just talking about the jam like my game reviews and my update log for my game hehe nobody even gives a crap Im sick of it

@GrimProductionZ if you REALLY believe that it is disrespect there is no changing your mid. so I’m not going to just sit around and keep commenting on this just because you want the attention

Thats not it i just want people to look at and participate in my posts but every have the time uses it as a chat

@GrimProductionZ only gen 1s get a ton of respect. Even a single misunderstanding can ruin your reputation here, and lots of people here are pretty toxic. It’s not a huge community, just stick with the group. As you know, most of the respectable people are in the messaging system.

@“GrimProductionZ”, like everyone else in this discussion just said, it’s not just about you. Don’t take it as a lack of respect if nobody reads or participates in your discussions. Your discussions may not appeal to us, or in my case, your reputation has proven terrible. You’ve discredited PixelPizza for his popularity and expressed hate towards meburningslime for his games, now you’re making a big deal about how your discussions aren’t getting views or comments. So it’s not us who are showing a lack of respect, it’s you.

The world doesn’t revolve around you, so stop expecting it to.

What I never said anything about hating his games at all. Also the pixel pizza incident was kinda true. Yeah and the world also doesnt revolve around you to, all of you guys get all the attention and I dont. Ive been working really hard lately and trying to show that and see what people think of my games and I would also like to help people by using my website but obviously nobody cares. So whatever no one here is helping me I ask for help not a bunch of people to reddiquette me.

Me made big oopsie plz forgive meh

Well, you cant just have an all out attack against all of the citizens of flowlab and just suspect to be forgiven right away. Well im sure every could forgive you, but your reputation is like dying right now. I dont mean to be rude, but try to keep this type of impulses to yourself or try explaining this to someone in a kind way instead of just all down accusing everyone.

But me had oopsie

I could forgive you for your outburst, but yeah, that doesn’t really improve your reputation for me. This stuff is starting to happen too much. Plus, your apology doesn’t look like it was written seriously.

Also, this next bit is off topic, so I am going to flag it as spoiler.
[spoiler]Actually @“GrimProductionZ”, you did. Well, technically not saying anything about hating his games, but you said you hated HIM on the “Flowlab Swag” discussion.
You may have said that it was just a joke, but not everybody takes jokes seriously, especially since you called us “stupid”.[/spoiler]

Bruh that ways the time when people thought @meburningslime and I were the same person so I thought I prove them wrong by trying to be funny and Im pretty sure they know I was just kidding can we plz just stop this Im sorry I was just a but upset today ok

hanna banana


Other people get attention not because they beg for it, but because the’re Nice
They dont hate on people because those people have better and more stuff than them, y’know, the world doesnt revolve around any specific person, it revolves around us working together as a whole, hope you can change your ways,
sincerley, Baconcat008


This discussion was posted 2 months ago, BUT Grim did take his anger out on the community and moderators after a recent discussion of his got flagged for spam. The discussion since got deleted because, again, it was spam, and Grim’s hateful comment only gave the moderators a better reason to get rid of it.

But in any case, try not to grave-dig old discussions, even if you have good intentions.

Sorry, I didnt realize it was old ._.

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