I think I'm finally finished with flowlab

Well I think I’m finally finished with flowlab as for now. I’ve used it for around 4 years on and off but I’ve got no ambition to make games on here anymore. Perhaps one day I’ll come back to it but I’ve gone onto scripting in unity and roblox studio and I feel that works better for me and is a step up for myself.

This is not due to any fault of flowlab itself I should mention I just don’t want to make games on here anymore. Even though many users on the forums won’t know me I just want to make this so people don’t stumble onto my other posts and expect a response or anything.

So as for now farewell gamers.



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Goodbye. Hope you find joy and success away from Flowlab, and certainly away from roblox studio :face_vomiting:.


Unfortunately I have to second this. Roblox is much more predatory than Unity


Yeah… But it’s easier to make games I can enjoy with my friends because I don’t have to make multiplayer services and stuff. I really don’t like the platform much either.

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