I want to add coins to my game and have them save but I don't know how. [Problem Solved]

In the normal mode of my game I wanted to make it so your score would be put into coins on the menu when you die. Also when you kill the boss in hard mode you’d get lots of coins that would be put on the menu. and you coin count would be saved when you refresh the page but I don’t know how to do this.
[ Game link ------> https://flowlab.io/game/play/748666 ]

Try something like this.


  1. Instead of a label connect whatever happens at the end of your game from there to the number and save block.
  2. This is the number of coins earned for this level, set it to whatever number you want or increment it as you collect coins.
  3. This save block will read the previously collected coins so you can add the new coins to it. You need a name for each save block, it doesn’t matter what name they have as long as you use the same name for each save block.
  4. This takes the coins earned in this level and adds it to your previous coins.
  5. This saves your new coin total back again.

@zgaulke I tried this and the mailboxes and messages didn’t send information to each other they are both named the same thing so I don’t know exactly what I did wrong

@grazer Is it that they can’t send information between levels?

You can’t send messages to different levels. Flowlab only loads one level at a time.

What are the coins going to do in the game?

I found a way to make it work I did what muddyapples did in star trail and made it so the coin amount gets hidden during the game. This will allow the messages to send to the coin amount and it’ll save so when your on the menu it’ll show your coins. @zgaulke information will help me make the coin amount save thank u zgaulke

Hi @Bestotted_Puppy could you shared the blocks for solving that problem? or telling more detailed the way you solved it using star trail game.