i want to change my game name

hey i dont know how to change my game name and i really want to…i want to change it to Dan Studios if anyone can tell me how, that would be great!

@grazer will change it if you ask

ok thx how do i contact him?

I just did so when he responds

ok thanks

Hey @“DPJ Studios” You can change the game name by going to settings button in the editor, then at the top of the popup menu, there should be a text bar where you can change your name.

@“Johnny boy” You dont need to @ grazer, this is a simple fix and grazer probably wouldn’t respond anyways.

Here’s a screen shot if you need help:


@ToastMaster64 hes talking about his username

@“DPJ Studios” Are you talking about your game name or your username?


sorry if I took long to respond… I waited around til grazer would respond…feel bad for having you to wait. thanks for helping me tough even though it wasn’t what i meant.