I want to make a io game that is multiplayer

can the team help pease?
(crossed sword games group)

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Nobody ever replied to this? Well, it’s late but if you still don’t know you have to have indie or beyond for multiplayer to even work and then, if you want more in depth there’s a few flowlab tutorials on multiplayer.

Literally 4 months late lol


I can show how to do .io games on flowlab.

i forgot this existed. im working on something else

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It costs money to do that, and the multiplayer support isn’t great. I would reccomend using something like modd.io that is specifically for making IO games.

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im loyal to flowlab and again i stoped doing this.


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for everyone’s information you don’t truly need indie for team editing as long as one person from your team has it you can edit too

I make games alone tho. :frowning:

That’s- a little-… ignore me im- sorry ill just- Have an early night i mean its 10.00 where i am so…

Then go to sleep boi


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wow y do i always make things off-topic- carry on guysss

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Ok heres my channel Here

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can someone rename this the ultra new off topic channel cuz thats whats happening to what should be gone.