I will make free sprites for you

I will make custom sprites for your games, tell me what you want with as much detail as you can, all I ask is that you give me some form of credit

Can you provide some example art,
such as an adventurer, race car, or a gun?


Those look pretty good @SnakeInMyHoot , nice work!

could you make me some spikes? Ideally something kinda blocky to fit the theme of my game. Thanks!

I’m pretty sure these are too big, and sorry to bust your game, but

@SnakeInMyHoot Can you make me a suicide bomber-type enemy for my bullet hell style game Bullet Madness Ultimate that can fit with the style?

link to game so you can see the art style: https://flowlab.io/game/view/1168158

@SnakeInMyHoot I need a sprite for my bullet launchers in my game Block Run. Here is the link so you know how to make it: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1134302

@sho21 Do you want the enemy to fly, or walk on the ground?

@cthornock Will the launcher point at the player?

@“my_name (<_>)” Could i see a link to your game? Just want to fit the art style

@SnakeInMyHoot maybe 2 versions, one that flies at you and one that walks and then jumps up and explodes when you are over it

P.S. could you make explosions for them to? they do have to be a different sprite though, but they can both use the same explosion


@sho21 other two are WIP

@SnakeInMyHoot Oh yeah can you make a kinda like hologram flickering animation for Pixel, the virtual assistant? (look in the 1st tutorial level, or the library) also thats a nice bomb
P.S. he is 2x2 block size



Small tweak from the first image, the walk animation makes a thud with every footstep

@SnakeInMyHoot Thank you!

Wow guys. I’m not saying your pixel art isn’t great, it is, but come on, I’m pretty sure most of us can do this on our own.

Alright @SnakeInMyHoot , I have returned, and hopefully you know what kind of sprite I want, I just want a sprite, I don’t need any animations. I have already taken care of that. I just need a better sprite. Thank you.

@meburningslime I’m okay at it, but I’m currently working on coding 24/7 and due to a deadline, I don’t really have time to trial and error constantly with the animations. Speaking of that, want to join my game team? I’m trying to make a very big game. I posted the link previously

can you make sonic