I will make YOU Pixel Art

like an outline then i filled it in

I could try it might not look great tho

i’d like you to draw a 32x32 pfp for me of this character(this is my prize for 2nd place in your pfp contest)
please use this color palette
upscaled ver.
New Piskel (41)
and do not trace over the image, i’d like the character looking very slightly to the right.

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alright i shall start now :slight_smile:

hey @paisleypug in my opinion im the worst at 32x32 do you want me to do 16x16 (im better at 16x16) or do you want me to try 32x32

fine, you can do 16x16

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@paisleypug dang this is harder than it looks but:
download - 2023-06-28T083344.219
i could def change some stuff so lmk if you want anything else done like a bg

Also made this @paisleypug
download - 2023-06-28T084220.226

i said that he should be looking slightly to the right, not full on to the left, also it’s pretty obvious that you just downscaled the image and then traced over it

it downscaled would look different by alot

wrong, exact same pose

not really plus i didnt even see the looking to the right thing

plus this topic is for 8x8 pixel art for peoples game if you want to talk more bring it to a private thread not in my pixel art area

ok, i guess. this was mostly a test on how good you were at pixel art.

im basicaly the best at 8x8 tell me somthing like a fruit or object and i will do an 8x8 also its pretty har to make an almost 500x500 image 16x16 or 32x32

wrong, here’s a drawing i did.

wasn’t very difficult

you’ve gotta draw the character, not the image

i said I not YOU

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your good at 32x32 im good at 8x8