I will make YOU Pixel Art

Need Pixel Art? I will make you it! (8x8 canvas)


    1. No begging or Complaining when its your turn its your turn.
    1. Reference images are reccomended but not needed
    1. No stealing other peoples Pixel Art it is for them.
    1. Credit is nice but not required if you want to credit just give the forum link or my name.
    1. No Animations
    1. Enjoy :sunglasses:

Could you please show me some examples of your art?

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Sure, I don’t have any ready but i will make some right now if thats fine

anything you want me to make?

@paisleypug very basic boy i made in about 1 minute just now:

i think he more meant art you’ve made before, not something you just put together

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oh, time to crawl into the depths of my folders lol

found a pixel sword

Can I have a pixel art pfp that is 16x16 and is about fire or dragons or warriors?

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I like fantasy… and I also like coming 3rd in a contest with only 3 people…

lol ok i will make you your pfp

is there a specific one you want also is there a color you want

@ItzBlob draw this but pixel art

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meh 16x16 pixel-art pfp for DW


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did you just pixilate the image?
other than that it looks good

no but i used a pallete generator and used a tool to make it look more like the og colors

Colours: Red, Orange
Theme: I don’t mind dragons or wariors


I used a template but here is your dragon pfp @Kasamir if you want me to change somthing let me know

wdym by you used a template

Now that I think about it, could you do a silhoute of a high fantasy dragon with fire as a background. I hope thats not too much

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