Idea: forwards and rotations in GUI, and also editor features

I was thinking of a way to duplicate and configure starblast for touchscreens. Then it hit me, i could have a mousemove connected to a pointat, and save rotation as a variable, and read it on the ship and make it match rotation. @grazer, can you duplicate starblast neon wars (make sure i can export it to android, last time i tried this, the apk loaded the desktop build)

But then i realized- gui objects did not in fact have forwards, meaning the rotate and point-at nodes were not there… there has to be a way

also read please

Remember quite a while ago we were talking about an editor that could edit a desktop build, and a mobile build, and both at the same time? Basically meaning we could have objects that only show up on mobile, objects that only show up on desktop, and objects that appear for both . But all in the same editor..... that would really be nice to have please consider going along those lines grazer.... that way starblast 2 and other games could be updated for both desktop and mobile simultaneously, without copying logic manually from one game to another...

Maybe i can take advantage of the mousemove though

Just an idea of how it could look, there are 3 tabs at the editor, labeled:

When viewing a tab that doesn’t include a certain object, said object does not appear

Example: when viewing mobile, you can see objects for “mobile” and objects in “both,” if you are in “both” you cannot see mobile/“desktop only” objects, so you dont end up confusing yourself

Then when creating an object, in the properties area, there would be a checklist with the three options


Ok, I just read this again. For the first issue, I don;t understand why you need to use a GUI object - will an object on the game layer work instead? I’m not even sure that you need a separate object, I think just using a mousemove behavior in the ship itself should work.

I want two touchzones at the corners, one for moving and one for shooting.