Ideas for gamesss

This is going to be a game idea forum, where you post random ideas of varying insanity for others to take inspiration from

  1. Penguin Mario Kart for adults, very violent and inspired by the epic tragic comedy video, Racist Mario.

  2. Flowlab forums trolling simulator

  3. Among Us dating sim (anime style optional) (featuring KFC)

  4. Tetraphobic Mario Tennis (Mario Tennis but it always avoids the number 4) (featuring Guido Mista)

  5. Isometric painting game

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Number 2 is the greatest thing ever, who shall take the mantelpiece of this amazing idea

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remember, flowlab is still blocked, I got the helpdesk to consider it, but since my school was playing my game so much, they said its a gaming website, so its blocked, success was my downfall );

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I’ve had the idea of a fire emblem strategy game except you can harvest your units’ organs for money which also makes them less powerful for a while


Make them know its not

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But then I have to tell them that no one is going to play my game, and they are NOT gonna buy that, I think its impossible

That sounds interesting, its like managing resources for ULTIMATE EFFECIENCY

I have been thinking of making a game where you mutate with upgrades and become the ultimate lifeform, but again, flowlabs blocked. I might just get a new computer off the schools, but then I gotta convince my parents

sigh First world problems am I right?

big chungus vs grazer flowlab epic battle

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