Ideas for my new game: Dead Zone

I have been adding some new things into my game but I don’t know what functions to add to
my game like character animations and new sprites. I would love for some ideas and if I add
them to my game I’ll make sure to credit you.

game link:

yeah I was having trouble with the walk cycle but figured it out so now it looks good, thank you so much im glad you love my game

@GrimProductionZ Thank you, happy to help. I would ask if you need any help with art but to be completely honest your art is beautiful stunning and fantastic! I love the look of the game! I can’t wait to see what this evolves into as time goes by!


looks good, keep up the good work

also yes ill credit your game :))))

Ok the inventory I was alreading going to do thats why I added choppibal trees to get wood and the character jumps to hight because I change the sprite and it messed up the physics. but the cave idea sounds great I will defiantly add that I was going to add my functions for the character like axe but never ought about the grenades though I could replace that with the knife through a make grenades really valuable and hard to obtain like getting it in the cave :slight_smile:

@GrimProductionZ Maybe try adding an inventory, so when you obtain items you can not only view them but see how much you have. Also reduce the jump force, he jumps way to high. I would suggest a tunnel leading to an underground where you can face “Cave zombies” and obtain more precious material.

Also, maybe you can make a single player and multiplayer option. That’s just a thought. Maybe add something to display health, and next add health kits, and also grenades, try those too. I’d have a temple, so when you enter it leads to a new level which acts like an arena, like a mini game.

I would also have multiple islands all surrounded by water which means you’d need a boat to cross. For a boat, maybe have 4 crates along the island and when you move them all together the boat is crafted or something. And try different types of zombies, as well as multiple choices of armour and weapons.

If you want to credit me, just credit “Crossed Sword Games”. Here is our logo with a black background (for preferences):

Hello anyone

Also I would love for anyone to change my run animation for my sprites don’t change the pixel format keep it the same if anyone does it.

Ok thanks @todorrobot those are some great ideas I’ll differently add them. how do you feal about me adding trees that break into wood which you use to make building blocks to build with

Nice parallax! Your graphics have a really nice Sega Master System feel to them.

Maybe add a second tier on the levels? Crates, boxes and barrels to hide behind like in Rush’n’Attack or Rolling Thunder Actually the Sega Master system has lots of side-scroller/platformers to grab ideas from.