Ideas for my new horror game

Okay, so haunted was a great idea, but it hasn’t been given my undivided attention until just now. So I’m turning to the people on the forums. So far in this game i have added a mechanic the guy shows up in the right doorway and you got about 2.5 seconds to turn of the lights, else game over. You also have a clock system where you got to go 8 minutes without being killed, and i need a way to make positions reset between nights.

Play said game here

How to play is in my other thread

Any ideas?

Possibly a “fear factor” that goes up the longer your in one place, so you have to move around. It would reset when you move

Well, I am going to add a sanity meter that goes down as the lights are off, and the lower, the more you hallucinate. (Left door)

Makes sense, I like that idea

You can add a location/ feature that keeps you safe but decrease highly your Sanity without spending batterie.

@gatol the laptop is the only thing that uses power. You don’t loose power unless it’s on

The sanity meter will slowly rise if lights are on too, but If the sanity meter depletes, you can’t tell where the murderer is in the other room, he will just disappear, and the lights can only be off for 3 seconds with 5 second intervals

Also, Hal will show up more often

@Myw what happene when that “fear factor” meter fills completely