I need help with a game… I know what ur probably gonna say make a game with ur own ideas but u know what… I dont have any good ones, cause I been playing to many games that I like and I can’t think of a good story or anything that isn’t from those games. Pls comment and give ideas. thx :slight_smile:

make a game with ur own ideas


lmao I was kidding

there’s nothing wrong with using ideas from other games, it’s good practice and offers learning opportunities

As long as you dont rip the art, story, and characters out of the game- especially with Nintendo

true but if you STILL want ideas then…
what if you make a game about cloning different blocks to solve puzzles?

or a game where you have to escape the level by finding a ‘glitch’

thx. -_- really @Latif3. I just needed some inspiration. I might just finish sonic undoing because it needs to be done. so thx!