Idle Bal1s v1.2

Haven’t updated this game in a while. Made a few tweaks to the label bundle by @Samuel_Tomé_PixelPizza , it’s impressive but I don’t need all those effects. It’s still a bit slow to update but it seems to work well.

New Stuff:
Remade some of the sprites, they aren’t great as I don’t really care much about this game anymore, but they look better.
Added something to sort of guide you on how to progress.
Added health display to the bricks. Finally.
Some sound effects are less annoying.

I’m thinking about adding a description to each ball in-game, but for how old the game is I don’t think it matters to me enough.


Awesome, I’m super happy to see the Label bundle being used.
I think the label display speed can be set to 0, but since the flowlab copy/paste feature is messy, it probably disconnected the wire that allows the bundle to do that. :frowning: