Idle Balls v0.3

New Features!

New ball: Antimatter Ball : reacts to nearby balls by exploding. does 1k dmg per explosion, requires x100B rebirth modifier. Costs 64 Trillion

Ghost ball costs 250 Billion now.


New Code: firstcodelol : +50% of current money

I finally figured out what RP will do. It will let you buy short boosts, for example: Skip current level and gain the money from it, x2 money for 1 minute. These will become x100 more expensive each time they are bought.

Fixed bugs:
Ghost balls getting stuck inside walls is very rare now.
Lag caused by sound now can be turned off by clicking the new button on the top left corner.


What’s that mean?

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Research points, you get them after rebirthing and they currently have no use.


Rad points? Idk but It’s a currency :man_shrugging:

Edit: galactian beat me to it