If u need help with this topic

I’m doing very well lol

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Hey those are AWESOME! I think I might use you ONE Day! I Wish I could draw like that. MAYBE I CAN!?!?!

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woah i havent been in flowlab for a while but thanks @Tim01 also goodluck @Ramshacklegamestudios i hope ur idea has gone well over the past few days

Hey @potatopants I can’t seem to come up with an idea on making a character design for my smash game I was wandering if you could make me one. I would like it in 16x16 which is the number 2 in size and 1 by 1 tile, also I would like it so be outlined in black most of the dark spots too to go with this kind of theme

-this is a image of my tiles for my game

ok sure i can try @GrimProductionZ do you have any specifics?
size, appearance, theme?

ooop i see it now i kind of zoned out ok i will try :slight_smile:

ok umm here’s what i got so far @GrimProductionZ

Sorry if it looks bad, im not used to creating this kind of art,
It’s still a work in progess (the hands are suppsedly boxing gloves btw)
also a suggestion: you can make this a mario game, that was the first thing that came to mind when you said smash haha anyways goodluck and i am still working on it :slight_smile:

Actually I like the boxing gloves idea since my game is a fighting game it makes sense.

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I’m at school right now but i am glad that you like it, i made a few tweaks yesterday and now am wondering what else to put lol thanks for the support @GrimProductionZ

Yeah no problem, I do pixel art myself but i’m just bad a making character designs.