If u need help with this topic

I am trying to improve my art skills so, I think, this will help :slight_smile: just a note though, I am only available four days a week (coz of school). I wanna learn how to make more sprites, so I am open to suggestion and am willing to help :slight_smile: though just a note that my acc is free so ill only be able to send photos, here’s a sample sprite of what I am working on…

Yeah, I’m more of a cartoonist than a realistic artist but I hope that I will be able to help and improve my skills :slight_smile: Thanks so much for reading this and have a good day :slight_smile:


Looks cute, well done :slight_smile:

Thanks I’m still working on my art style :slight_smile:

You could add some shadows under the hair like a bit of dark yellow. And it looks cute well done!


The style looks great! A great way to make more improvements is to make subtle details on the 32 x 32 grid, and make sure to use the colour picker. You can get really nice and subtle differences that the person looking at it sees, but don’t notice that they see. Attention to detail is everything! =D


I could use some pixel art for a side project!


Thanks so much for the support guys but i have school right now so talk later haha, don’t want my mom to get mad, also if you need help @Ramshacklegamestudios don’t hesitate to ask and tell some details :).Thanks so much to all who responded so far :slight_smile:

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how about a male character shaved head, with a prison jumpsuit, and holding a “fancy/techy” type gun (it isn’t an actual gun)

Kinda like this

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Hmm I could try haha, It’s my first time to attempt that kind of thing,cool gun though, how big does it need to be and also,well shaved means bald or no? I dunno I’m waiting for my next class haha. I will try though, this sounds like an interesting project :slight_smile:

not bald just shaved. Honestly any size would be fine as long as it’s not HUGE or way too small

And the gun is just an example. I don’t want the exact thing.

Ah okie, I’ll see what I can do, sorry if what i make doesn;t work out though, I’m not too familiar with that kind of thing.So far I am looking for references and drafting, Thanks again for clearing that :smiley:

@Ramshacklegamestudios Hi :slight_smile: I am currently starting to work on sprites, Iam decidig to make several so that you can pick one, or not that’s cool too.I don’t have too much going on with the concept right now but I do have two current being worked on sprites…

I will update you if there is more to come :slight_smile:

PS. sorry if they look kind of weird, but they are still in progress haha, and I am not guaranteed saying this but hopefully, there will be more ideas to come

Also yeah, I’m trying to figure out the gun part, It’s kind of tricky since I’ve never made a gun before so, If you could add some more details about what you want that would probably help. :slight_smile: btw could you send a game link? That’d also be helpful so I can see the concept and make a better suited sprite :smiley: well, hope you are doing well over there

basically all of the sprites currently in the game are place-holders

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Woah sorry I didn’t finish school til just now btw i wont be here tomorrow as I cant use my laptop for this anymore.I can’t really understand ur game concept just yet, but it looks promising :slight_smile: Thanks for waiting, i didn’t realize that was the game til just now, i thought u were giving an example

xd @Ramshacklegamestudios do u dtill want me to continue? I saw ur more recent post and, well, if you don’t need me to make sprites anymore, just let me know.Just to clarify, sorry i know it’s late but im just wondering.If you need help with anything, feel free to tell me, anyways goodluck with ur game

well, no way back is definately delayed, but we really need pixel artists for Subject 14!

ah okie xd, i saw the art style, really nice work

I’m not sure what you mean there @potatopants you should not be able to see the game…

Oh lol i meant the pictures above earlier
sorry fr ate response i still haven;t heard from u lately, hope ur doing well