If you are a pro with flowlab help me.

I am making a pac-man game and i need help. I need it so when you eat the power pellet you can eat the ghosts and still stay alive. Right now the turn blue but when i try to eat them they kill me. Also, once the blue part is done i need it so my health is back to one. Thank You :smiley:

Make sure you link the game man

oh ya sry

https://flowlab.io/game/view/1132857 (I have a spam block on me so i am editing this)My full health is 1. I am just experimenting a few ways to see if it works. That’s what I have so far. I want it so when i eat the power pellet and i eat a ghost i don’t die but once it wares off i have one live again. Can u possibly put screenshots?

Wait, so when your power pellet wares off you want your health to be full again?

My collision wont work because of some sort of bug, but you can try this.

Screenshot (41)

Screenshot (40)