If You Have Any Problems, Post Them Here

If any flowlabers has any problems, no matter how big nor small, post it here and I will Try to fix it. And if I can’t, I will call upon more experienced players until fixed. Already posted on another discussion? Post the Link! All Problems run through here! So Please, Post All your problems Here!

this entire game is a problem

sorry if some sprites are different me and @Pixel-Master-Studios-Dev are still working

my game is a shooter and I really want him to duck so he can shoot further down

Ok, well the game looks great so far, but the duck is all in the costumes, but the bullet will shoot from the same place as before though. I’m not sure if that can actually happen

Make sure to do this: “Left” and “right” keys up input connects to stop on walk animation. It will help.
@grazer or @“Mhx Ar” what do you think about this?