If you haven't installed Dropbox...

If for some reason you don’t already use Dropbox, this invite gives you an extra .5GB of storage when you install it on your laptop or whatever.

I forgot I even had a Dropbox. I erased anything I wasn’t using and put all my sounds and music files for flowlab on it. For some reason, a lot of music hosting sites get maintenance or lag my music, or sometimes the music doesn’t even play. I just tried hotlinking mp3s from Dropbox and it actually streams pretty well. grazer mentioned Dropbox in some other topic and that reminded me to reinstall it on my laptop. If you want to try it as well, it’s 2GB of free storage, and you and I both get an extra .5GB when you use my link. I was thinking of making another email address and referring myself so I have 5GB total of space between both accounts, but so far, my music files aren’t really using much up. I highly recommend it if you need a place to link your music and sound to.

I officially hate myself for already having an account for all my emails

@CrimsonBlackGames lmao, good job, dude. Why do you even have that many accounts?

School, personal email, and my gaming/developer account

Oh okay, that’s completely fair then. I though you just forgot your password or something like I do. I signed up with Facebook.

How do you make the costum/embed links?

I mean my links are like this:

and yours are like this:

Oh, you just edit them. You can only hotlink from websites if you root around the source and figure out how it works. I found out that manually changing the url gives me the direct raw link. Most websites don’t want you to hotlink, because of bandwidth, and they purposely have no way to normally do it. It’s the same way I download nice backgrounds from YouTube music playlists, or play embedded flash games full screen.

Yours would be this

Oh alright!
thank youu!!