If you need help, PLZ ASK! (Beginners)

So if you do need help, ask here and I will try to EXPLAIN!

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‘laughs in turn based combat expert’

WHAT!?!?! Look, I will make sure to ask you if I need help. I’m talking about beginners. @glithctyrus

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I know im just joking but I do know a lot about turn based combat in flowlab

maybe… I can use some help in making an enemy AL?

depends whats the ai for?

The Ai learns different behaviors. For example, I touch the enemy once, the enemy starts chasing me, I touch it twice, it starts shooting, third time, it puts out a shield against itself. I do have some ideas, but maybe you have better ones?

this could be easily done with filters

You think so? I don’t find that to be of any… Never mind, I think I have a plan!

Yeah I agree with @glithctyrus this would be really easy with filters.