(IGNORE) The five elements? Summer Flowjam; 2023

I need help. I have no idea what the theme is supposed to mean. The quotes didn’t really explain it well but I already have a plan.

At the moment I have the 5 Chinese elements: Metal, Fire, Water, Wood, and Earth.
Any thoughts?


I’ve always know the the five elements to be Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and then Metal.


I am part Chinese and am only aware of these elements:

I am worried that I won’t meet the requirements for the jam. I am very, very worried.

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I believe that any five elements would work, I do not think that grazer would remove someone because they used different elements then other submissions.

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Metal, Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. That’s what I’m going to use.


From the quotes, I think any five will work because one used the Chinese elements and another used Cheese as one so I think you can use any. So have fun with what you choose!


The only downside to using five types is that generally everything relates down to only four, being Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. All of which contribute to nature. Avatar the Last Airbender explains these quite well.

Wood for instance could still technically he Earth alongside Metal as they both are produced in or from the soil.

Since Fire is more of a reaction from various causes, Lightning, and other results could all be labeled under the same.

Water can include all forms of water such as vapor and ice, but since Wind is composed of other elements, it’s entirely it’s own. Being the difference between land and sky.

The only downside that I’m having is thinking of a 5th element. Since just about everything else could still relate to the other four. I remember that movie called The Fifth Element where is described it as being Love. Which if you’re into that sort of thing, it could make for a interesting game.

But it really all depends on what you plan to go for it, and choose the elements based on what your game is going to be based around.

I wanted to make a game using Subject: 10-A Legion who is several different robots who have different forces of nature abilities like wind, Earth, etc, but there’s six of them instead of five.

Using the five Chinese elements could still work, but considering metal and wood are apart of it, it sounds like the elements refer to structures or man made constructs since it’s basic building materials. Maybe a civilization game? Using metal and wood for structures, fire for heat, water and Earth for plantation.
At least this is an idea based on the elements given. And to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of the Chinese elements before, I was mostly used to old Pokémon elemental types like lightning, fighting, grass, etc. So I never really thought of realistic fictional elements for stuff like this.



I changed them a bit:

Makes sense. I have my game plan already.

I never thought of that, my games is set in Vironia so the cultures are different, meaning there is no Pokémon.

Me neither. They just seemed like the most logical ones to use, although some are mostly the same.


best scifi movie highly recemend

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hey @ManiacPumpkin i think im sorta accidently giving LMPTE therapy but im not good at this stuff, what should i do!??!?!

I understand your concern and I saw that you handled it pretty well, but I would probably take this to another discussion.