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i think RPG, With keyboard controls. like undertale.

All of those are pretty difficult to make, so what I would suggest is to make a test game of each. Whenever I have free time, I help people by making example tutorials, even if I have no idea how to do it. It helps me learn more about flowlab, so I know more for reference in the future. Why not work on a few demos and see which genre you like the most?

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You can make a different game on each level.

That would be a little tough with only 50 objects max @“Mhx Ar”

@CrimsonBlackGames I could easily recycle 1 object to be 30+ completely different objects, based on x/y grid location and messages from a UI object. Here’s a simple example of object recycling.

Click game mode - message ui set number save - level loads - ui send load number to player

If level space shooter send 1
Play space ship animation, on/off ship behavior bundles with emit

If level platformer send 2
Play platformer idle and run/jump animations
On/off run jump behavior bundle

Etc etc. The level you select messages the player to become the behavior bundle activated by a filtered number. Nothing outside of that bundle is affected. You could have tons of game modes with only 5-10 objects per layer.

I made a level lock unlock example somewhere around here. You can get the gist of using that logic for what game mode you play. You could even have objects alpha and enable based on game mode, so you could have an entire RPG town disappear in space shooter mode, or become platforms and trees in platformer mode, just based off of x/y location and a message from the UI.

This is not really a practical method of making games, but you can use the logic in other ways. This is just for limited object use. Other ways it can be useful is recycling enemy types to play different animations and have different health and attack based on if it’s on grass, lava, water, or whatever level you are on for difficulty.

If you played Metroid, the Mella, Zeela, and Zoomer enemies are all basically the same wall walking enemy, with different animations, health, and other minor qualtites that load different based on level. Similarly, some level tiles in NES changed mostly based of palette rather than sprites, but again, location/map/ui messages can recycle one object as much as you like.


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What PixelPizza said

Like I said, make a demo of several genres and see which one you like the most. The thing about making games is that you should know what you want to do and make goals to achieve. If people tell you what to do, it’s not fun, that’s called a job. Having a job isn’t fun. Creating your own work and expressing yourself is fun. Do whatever you want to do. Trust me.

you no what i think ill just make an survival game