I'll Review Your Games

From now on I will be rating games as long as making them so fire away! I will Rate,

For Code what I mean is if it’s simple or complex. I’m looking for different amounts of code on different types of games. More code on simple Games could actually lower your score unless necessary. Best of luck!

Hey, @“Mushroom Productions”! Nice to see that you’re reviewing!


Check it out!



All Ratings are out of 5

Graphics: 3.5 Good Graphics, Not the worst, but not the best either.
Gameplay: 3.0 The Game has some stuff that needs to be fixed. The Movement code is good but if I want to turn while moving forward it straight up stops the character. The Rock Gets thrown way to fast, The spiders do way to much Damage and there are too many dens.

Story: – No Story yet, so I cant review that
Code: 4.0 Good Code, but since It seems a lot for such little, I think that your experimenting with a lot of code right now and that’s Great! This Game looks very promising.
Overall: 3.5

@“my_name (<_>)”

Graphics: 4.0 I like this theme of Graphics a lot, I don’t know why.
Gameplay: – I cant rate it because its a multiplayer game, I went into the Game level also and tried it out. I moved once and my guy just went straight out of the map.
Story: – None, Really Story only counts for big games so It’s fine if you miss this one
Code: 2.0 A lot of code for nothing to show. I said that sometimes too much code for such little is bad, and this game is an example. There is nothing playable for that much code so I can’t really comment on anything too much.

I wont give a final rating as this project is too incomplete to do so.
This Game is Multiplayer though and because I don’t have any friends who use flowlab I can’t use it. So don’t b eat yourself up about this, I see promising results if you keep going at it and making it the best it can be!

Shoot, I’d better fix that. Come back in a couple days, the game should be playable, I’m not sure what went wrong sense I last tested it.


fixed it, super basic mistake causing it to inconsistently work/not work. Try hitting play now. Also, for the record that code was super difficult to make.

@“my_name (<_>)” I tried it out and the Game is Just like Snake! I could really see a lot of people enjoying this game, especially multiplayer. I only rated the code 2.0 because you didn’t have anything playable so now that its playable i can give a proper score, will take some time though as I’m working for Viperteck on Fallout and don’t have time.

Thanks! I’m going to try and work on it more coming up but I probably won’t be able to for a bit. Still, hopefully multiplayer won’t be to difficult to pull of.

Try reviewing this game: Pixel Sports!

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