Im a let YOU figure what this one is about.

You are working with multiple people. Maybe someone is saving their changes, which their changes didn’t keep your changes?

No one else was editing the character, Caleb didn’t even know it existed, and if he was I didn’t ask me.

I have no idea :anguished: I hope it works out.


It’s not only happening with me! it’s also happening with @“JR 01”!

It might be group projects as a whole, but I dont like it.

The problem I had is that I was working on animation, Afterward it asked if I wanted to keep MY or THEIR changes. After clicking MY changes, the animation was deleted anyway.
I did a little testing while someone else was editing, I made a new animation and click thier and it deleted the test animation. Another test after that, I click MY changes and the test animation was deleted regardless.

We pray for the lord, Grazer, to come down from the heavens, and fix this problem for all flowlab kind. amen.

too far

Well this has gone to LONG without a fix @Bigship1

FYI i put my game link on my latest discussion :smiley:

Sorry for the major inconvenience, guys. Please see this thread for updates:

I believe the issue should be fixed, but please clear your browser cache :frowning: