Im back and im better!

im back now, i had to take a break and play my new switch non stop, but super blocky racing is back in business! :smiley:


I always loved this game

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thanks man! :sweat_smile:

Heck yeah, can’t wait to see further updates to the game. Yeah I kinda noticed you were gone for a bit and I’m glad your all right, just playing the switch, lol.

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lol, thanks for caring :slight_smile:

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btw does anyone have any suggestions to make the game better?

do you have any suggestions @Cactus_Studios_Games or @ManiacPumpkin
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Maybe If you become a pro at the game you can add an expert mode or demon mode however you want to call it. And there is this bug where bots use a powerup at the very beginning of the round. Plz make it so they can only use them when they pick up a lucky block.

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How do you use the powers? Also, I think you should eventually export it.

The power ups is “O”. Yeah I didn’t know either until he told me.

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yeah and i forgot to remove the item from the game that i was editing. and im gonna make the modes easy mode, normal mode, hard, mode, and expert mode.

I found a bug! if you use the fire ball power at the end of the lap you don’t restart you just keep going.

Hope this helps.

oh okay thanks for that :smiley:

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okay its fixed! :slight_smile:

can I add something to the game

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what do you want to add?


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could you also add a theme to the page?

since valentines day is coming up that might be an event idea but if not in that case we would be doing easter

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great idea :smiley: i could add a skin for each holiday and you have to do challenges to unlock it. but its only for a limited time.