Hello everybody! If you don’t remember me that’s fine, but I’m meburningslime, and I am back after two years!!!
Through that time, I become a small Roblox developer and an MC developer!
Could I please get a recap idk what any of this new stuff is lolololollo

Welcome back!

@“Johnny boy” Thanks!

A Roblox and MC developer? Wow, you have a bright future, mate. And I remember you clearly. Nice to see you back after the years.

Well to put it shortly, Flowlab now has multiplayer capabilities and, you can upgrade your account to have Flowlab run on a HTML5 engine rather then on Flash.

I made the first multiplayer game

@“ShadowAxeKid Productions” thanks!
Ps did you change your username lol I don’t remember you sorry:(

(I’m @“ShadowAxeKid Productions” . But that account is for my team of makers) I have many accounts now. This is my original acc but I look at your games. they’re amazing. I didn’t really go on forums back then so that is probably why I am not that familiar.

I did make Terraria, the first builder game ever on flowlab…
Bot to brag ir anything XDXDXD
I will check out ur games now lol

@meburningslime That Sounds cool can i have the link so i can play

@“Mushroom Productions” of course!
Terraria! (Not sure if it still works lol)

My Roblox Account