I'm Back Flowlabbers And Game Makers

Hi guys I’m back from my adventure in another website! So about how long i have been gone we decided to make our itch page and get some additional inspirational ideas from other studios and game makers. These games also had bugs and errors when we played them, so technically we learned to avoid that too. But its good to be back in flowlab, Feels like the right place to be. Well I hope you guys do good on your games, have fun and let flowlab stay alive! :grinning:

Also we plan to put our own forum in this forum about our new game coming up which i haven’t told you guys yet, but it’s coming. This game will be built on a different software but I will still be making games in flowlab. All i can tell you it will be a mutlplayer-rpg game.

-cotton studio


What different website are you using? (wondering)

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Sorry for the late reply WE were in unity and game maker studio 2

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Yoo! that’s sick, i have unity but i dont know how to use it :smiling_face_with_tear:


Well there are tutorials like for example the most common is brackeys

But there are many to choose from @TheFlowingLabThatFlowsALab

:smiling_face_with_tear: i know but they so fast at talking andmoving

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