I'm creating a rayman game

I’m creating a rayman game with 5 levels (because I’m free and I’m also british so I don’t have dollars) and I’ve created 2 levels.One is a grassy land and the 2nd is a rocky land.What should I do for the next 3?

  1. I love rayman, looking forward to the game

  2. Im British, just pay the British equivalent of the indie american cost

– Levels –

  1. Maybe a volcano

  2. Golden Temple

  3. Showdown in space?

If I’m not mistaken and am using a completely inaccurate currency converter, $10 USD per month would be £7.78 GBP per month, so you could just pay it like that, or $59 USD per year would be £50.4 GBP per year, so that’s another way to pay for indie.

Wait a second, if you have a free account, how in the world do you expect to make so many NSG games?

WHATS A FRICKEN RAYMAN.fy6rjhkgjiulop]{-p.;l

@GrimProductionZ - I can’t tell if you are being serious, or if you are joking…

No i actully don’t know.

Rayman is a popular adventure game (that’s usually a platformer) made by Ubisoft.

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a forest level would be cool and I agree with the space one

@MetaNinja I make 'email by ALTS

em*not email bruh


If your wondering what the "YEs 15 Thing was,it had to be 15 characters so I added that in