I'm deleting RACE

You read the title.

Race is more trouble than it’s worth. The car stack I made was pretty cool, and so was the car movement bundle, until it broke. Bug after bug happened, and, after I thought I’d fixed them all, the whole racecar movement bundle broke, which crashed the game. To fix this, I’ll have to construct an entirely new bundle, which would take many days’ worth of time that I just don’t have.
Maybe in the future, I’ll try again.

Another game come and gone.


I’m pretty confused on why you are saying “broke”. Is the game’s code outdated?

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I don’t think flowlab code just breaks.

No, the engine just didn’t like the amount of bundle inputs I had. About four dozen in one bundle, I think.

I think I’ve seen crazier stuff bro. It may just be something else?

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No, it just began deleting my inputs randomly, so I’m pretty sure it has to do with the amount of inputs.

What other thing would it be?

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BEGAN DELETING YOU’RE IN- thats a new one. Never heard of that.

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Yeah. The inside of the bundle had inputs, but the outside didn’t, then the inside didn’t either.

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Idk try searching I guess.

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Bundles don’t really like when you reach 10+
But that’s pretty much always more than most things need, it’s usually better to just have separate bundles because it’s likely different functions that don’t have a ton of connections to each other


Sorry to hear about the setbacks. It’s tough when features don’t work out. Hope you find success with future endeavors!

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I’ve been working on a small project recently, and it’s going really well, with minimal bugs. I hope it stays that way…