I'm having a few problems with my wizard game.

I’m trying to make it so that every 10 seconds a health pack randomly spawns in the boundaries of the map but the health pack always just spawns at 0,0 even though I’m running a random x and y into it. Also, I made a shield but I’m not sure how to Stack animations, or do I have to make a completely new animation. Can someone please help me as soon as possible?

@“Warren Lowery” if yur having problems with your game send it to how to not bugs bugs is for website glitches such as cetain behaviors breaking and the like also does your random inputs have numbers one for the y scale of the map and ones for the x scale of the map

And no one can help if you don’t post the link to your game :slight_smile:

I kinda just gave up on respawning health packs but Thanks for telling me about where to post my discussion.

Actually I do need help with something. I’m trying to make a Health Bar for a Boss and I want it to be bigger but I don’t know how. I tried using the size behavior and that didn’t work please help.

to make it bigger your going to have to make a custom bar @“Warren Lowery”
by the way never give up i spend 2 months making a boss i didnt give up so i suceeded

Ok thanks

if you want me to post a link to a specific