Im having serious trouble

in my game i wanted it so that if you get an item, you cant get another one until you use the one you already have?

Have it to when you get an item, it sets a number to the item number. When you press space or whatever activates the item, it will use filters to test the item’s number and do the right action, then set it to 0.
If you want it to NOT replace a power you already have, instead keeping the oldest one you obtained, then have a switch that turns off the collisions when it gets a collision, and turns on when the power is used.

@meburningslime could u give a screenshot for the second one please?

So sorry, I’m still on mobile. I will try to explain it as simply as I can, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll send a screenshot in thw evening.

Collision of powerup —} switch (turns off when activated) —} set number to 1

Attach a spacebar or activator to the number.

Keyboard —} number (in input) —} filter testing for 1 —} emitter (or whatever power) —} set number to 0

oh you dont come into collision with the object you come into collision with a item box that gives you a rondom object @meburningslime

oh, and thanks btw!!

@MetaNinja could you help me?

So, when you come in contact with an item box it triggers a random number function that picks which item to give you, correct?
If so, simply put a switch in the middle of the collusion, one the function is triggered it turns off the switch so you wont get more items, until you use your current one which will turn the switch back on

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you are correcttttttt

@spencertheball could you give a screenshot?

@XXD3G you can try using switches than turn off when an item is being held and have them turn on when that item is used. I cannot provide a screenshot to demonstrate right now because I am a bit busy with school.

i tried it, it ddnt work @GalaxianGames and @spencertheball

try something like these examples

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THANKS!!! ill try it in a bit

@spencertheball it didnt work

oh alrighty then, sorry

That’s overly complicated. I am on mobile, so @spencertheball could you please screenshot my SCP: World’s End weapon Selector?

Is this what you’re looking for @meburningslime?

@johnpost yes. Use something like that, only get rid of the switches and attachers, while replacing each with a different powerup. Have the power up randomizer set the number.
Thanks btw @johnpost :slight_smile:

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