Im having trouble with the spawn thing

In my game I have a undertale-like battle… But all of the projectiles keep spawning in the top left hand corner… Heres my game link so somebody can help me. (The battle is on level 2)

I took a look and its because your not putting in the right position. You have to multiply each square by 32.

Thanks. Ill try it

Wait, how do i multiply each square?

When you spawn something give the coordinates on the grid in the game, then multiplay the coordinates by 32 to spawn in the correct place

Positions starts in Pixels from the top left corner.
Making Y = 30 will make it 30 pixels down from the top
Adding any X will add pixel starting from the left.

If you don’t know the math or want a more precise way of finding the position, you can go to the object with the same Y that you want and add these behaviors:

Always --> Extractor (this y) --> (set) Number

What that number becomes when hitting play is the Y you need.

How do i multiply each square by 32?

Its just doing the math @epicgamer2354,
Positions are by pixels and each block is 32 pixels wide/tall

Something worth noting is that objects positioned do not act like the grid editor. Positioning X at 320 will not put the object at grid 10, it will put it centered on the 10 line, so it’s even more math, if you want the object’s top left corner or edge at the grid line.

Basically you need to know the pixel size of your object and base your math on that.

Thanks ill try to fix it.

Ok now i cant even tell if its spawning. Im so confused…

Nvm I think i figured it out. Thanks for the help!