Im looking to join an indie team

Im looking for a indie team.

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I am a part of 20+ dev groups lol

Oh, ok. I really want to make MummyBot but i dont have indie because my mom isnt willing to be billed 10 dollars a month lol

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If you get allowance or something similar then just save up! Also there are many ways to exploit the free accounts…

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Like how? How do i expolit the free accounts?

Well if you add an indie dev like me to a group with access to your game, I can keep on spawning in as many objects as you like lol

But i cant make a group because i dont have indie

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I could make one for you later, I’m on mobile right now.

Thanks! Im so exicted to make this game!

No problemo


you still on mobile?

I made the dev team.

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can you invite me? Im waiting to make this game!

I did first thing

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Ok, so i dont know what we should start with? Maybe setting up the assets?

First make a concept level and get some other devs to help you