I'm making a Doom remake/demake, and I need help

So far my Flowlab version of Doom is going really well. I’m trying to make an enemy appear on screen with raycasts, but the raycast system @murten101 created is really hard to understand. What I plan on doing is using a spawn block to spawn a monster sprite, but I’m not sure if it will work. Here’s the game: Flowlab Doom Port





ok i mean you don’t have to help if you don’t want to.

The 3D technique form Murten101 is good, but it has its limits.
For example, this wouldnt work to display enemies on the screen.

And you need to fix the depth of the walls, you cant tell where you going currently.
It should look something like this:

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How did you do that? Depth is really hard to figure out on this.

It’s not too hard, especially since you already have it in your code.

The problem is that your using the same numbers from Murten101’s game, in which his screen is a lot bigger. I find this situation as a good way to understand the code that your using, so I prefer if you find the answer. Good luck on making a 3D game :slight_smile:

yeah i’m screwing around with expressions right now

ayy congrats, I see you figured it out!

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@JR01 hey dude i made the enemies appear on screen if they’re directly in front of you using animations, and it shows on block 0, can you help me make it so you can see the enemies if they’re somewhere else?

It works on 0 because that’s the only wall with animation…
But I really dont suggest using the walls to show where enemies are.

Instead, I suggest to try to think of a way to spawn the enemy sprite on the screen and have its location on screen be relative to the location on the map.

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