I'm making a Minecraft creative inventory

Ahoy, There! I got kicked out the discord so I’m here! I am making a Minecraft Creative inventory, so if anyone would like to help, then reply!

why’d you get kicked?

for a really, stupid reason.

what was that reason?

being underage (not very stupid if you ask me)


yep, 10 years old. this guy was 10 years old.

Just so you know if you edit my game it won’t save

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Flowlab Game Creator - Inventory Example

Here is a simple inventory example made by JR01. You should be able to build a minecraft-based inventory pretty easily from here. If you need any more help, tag me.

I don’t think “pretty easily” is gonna be the case, this is a very primitive inventory and doesn’t behave like the one minecraft very much at all


if you wanna test my game, Flowlab Game Creator - New Game here it is, also there is no breaking, items, health system, drowning, nor hunger.

Well, the inventory in minecraft is mostly just an item storer. If you want to be able to craft, you’ll have to use different object for each item able to be stored in the inventory. You will also need hover animations and make the items dragable.

oh Agent_Y, i also tried and adding the breaking example, but it didn’t work, I even copied the whole thing.

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Just copying it isn’t enough, you have to actually understand it, and set the raycasts and globals

You say that like it’s easy but it’s not, especially for someone who’s 10 and new to flowlab

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Can anyone make a walking animation for the character?
please? its 3:07 when replying this.

I don’t think anyone’s going to make free sprites for you, you gotta do it yourself or find some online like I did

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I could be happy to make free sprites for you!

Please specify the size, resolution, and theme and I’ll get straight to it for free.

Sounds like an auto-generated message. Anyways, it’s pretty clear exactly what he wants

animated steve from minecraft

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I need to know the sprite size and the pixel size before I can draw anything. I don’t wantto have to re-do anything.

You can see it in the screenshot

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