I'm making a Platformer Horror Game called Savior Devoid

I’d like you to play it and give me feedback! I’m not the best and programming, and I’d like some assistance! Please tell me ALL you can!

Post a link. There’s about a million games on flowlab, so without a link, it would be pretty hard to find.

@“Mhx Ar” search it up on the games page

Wait, there’s a search bar now? I must be blind.

Actually, not bad. Congratulations.
It’s the first time, in flowlab, I see a platformer where you can interact with the surrounding.
Besides my Old awakening ahah.

There are still a few things that can be improved. Like enemies behaviour, movement and animations.
Oh and I think you need checkpoints or something like that.

@PixelPizza Okay Pixel Pizza, thank you! If you could give me tips and tricks on how to improve it would help alot!

Answering to your comment in my profile:
“How to make a checkpoint”
You could search for it on forums and you will get other discussions about this subject.

Anyway, this is a game from @Latif3 which have checkpoints.
I simplified to make easy for you to understand.

  • Create a Checkpoint object with this behaviours (make it not solid but with “enable collisions”)
    Basically what this does is: Whenever it touches the player it keeps the coordinates of himself

  • Add this to the player
    Whenever the game starts, it will read the last coordinates saved and send the player to that position

@PixelPizza Thanks!

@PixelPizza so… here’s a problem, if I start a level now, my character’s spawn mechanic doesn’t work, no matter what I try.

You sure the Save names are equal?

@PixelPizza you might want to make it where touching a checkpoint saves a 3rd variable that tells the game there is a checkpoint, otherwise when the game tries to load a checkpoint when one hasnt been touched, it pulls up 0,0 (the saves havent saved anything yet so it defaults to 0, so thats where the character starts)

Maybe thats it

@PixelPizza I just realized it won’t work due to my character being spawned due to an animation from another object, that effects the location and pawn of the character, and checkpoints on one map affect another.

I just tried this game, and it is very very impressive. The animations are top, I backed up in my chair and said “Whoa” like 6 times playing this. I’m very interested in seeing the story progression, because that immediate plot progression from off the train blew my mind. I never expect something like this from a newer flowlab user. What bugs are you running into that caused you to close your game?

@“Mhx Ar” I can’t spawn, I have animations to cause spawn but they happen every level, it interferes with the checkpoints.

Alright, so you messaged to me that you are having issues with checkpoints spawns, and enemies don’t run away with proximity. I did notice that on the level after you get out of the ship, you spawn in the ground. While I did manage to clip and pop out of the ground, maybe that’s the issue you were having? Explain in detail if you can what your animation purpose is, where the animation comes from, and why it is required for you to have it set that way for your checkpoint spawning. If it’s unnecessary, I don’t see why the character doesn’t just use an animation upon spawning, instead of an animation spawning you in the first place. Second, proximity seems to not be working at the moment. I don’t know if it’s just me, but proximity just doesn’t seem to detect anything lately. I’ll have to run a test on it in my bug tester, but if it’s being a pain, use raycast instead.