I'm making Minecraft in Flowlab but I can't

i want to have Inde But i cant


Yeah indie is like $9 a month or $60 for the whole year. Which is definitely worth it if you have a means of paying for it.
Once I graduate and get a decent job I’ll finally be able to buy it myself, lol.


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I wish I could have inde too, at least I have indie.

It absolutely is worth it if you can afford it, a one year subscription is basically the price of a single console game or an annual sub on a pay-to-play MMO.

Though of course, money is relative. $60 for a wealthy person is like the spare change in their pockets. $60 for me is a significant purchase for sure, but still miniscule compared to my other monthly expenses. For someone with very little or no expendable income, $60 might as well be a million dollars LOL. I’ve been there before, barely surviving on ramen noodles and frozen burritos. Hopefully your situation will improve in the future!

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Even when you graduate you may want to hold off for a while. I’m not trying to tell you not to buy indie, but you need to have priorities. But once you have everything straightened out and you know that it won’t affect you then you should totally buy it.


If I spent 60 a year which is around 5 a month, then it would be cheaper than that of paying monthly for Netflix or something. Plus I wouldn’t buy anything anyway if I knew I didn’t have the money, lol.


Yeah, I’m absolutely not trying to convince people to spend money they don’t have, but based on my experience, people are going to do that anyway. And there are certainly many dumber things to spend $60 on.


  • Taking a date out to a fancy restaurant
  • Taking the family out to see a bad movie in the theater
  • Going out for 1 night at a bar or club
  • Spending 1 hour in a casino
  • Buying 1 pass to enter an amusement park so that you can spend 12 hours waiting in line and less than 15 minutes riding on actual rides (food and drink not included)

I would also add renting a hotel room for 1 night, but these days, any hotel room you can get for $60 a night is probably going to include complimentary cockroaches.

Some idiots I used to work with… we actually had a fairly good paying job, over $20 an hour, totaled out to roughly 40k per year before taxes, but these idiots would go out and buy $80,000 cars. Brand new Corvettes and Mercedes, etc. When asked how they could afford that on a 40k salary, they would say, “I don’t really have any other expenses, I live with my mom.”



And yes, I used the word “idiots”. Because I think it’s an appropriate description for anyone who would buy or lease a car that is worth twice their annual salary.