I'm new and need help!

I’ve been on flowlab for a little bit and watched all the tutorials, but there’s quite a bit of things that i can’t figure out. I’m trying to make a platformer where the player shoots in the direction of the mouse, but the player sprite keeps rotating as well. Is there a discord I can join with other devs that can help?


I tried using the link on my phone and computer but it just sends me to discord without adding a server.

official flowlab discord somewhat

I don’t do discord but maybe there is a bug in ur game, can u send a photo of ur program?
I think you might’ve seen this already but here’s a link to tutorial games made by grazer and other people who are really good at game creating https://flowlab.io/examples

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I don’t have a discord channel, but if you ever need help @ me and I’ll be happy to help!