I'm new to This, Any Help?

Ok so I am trying to make a game and I am very new to this and honestly have no idea what I am doing. I am making this game and the concept is kind of like a traveling merchant game where you go from one town to another and buy and sell goods. What I am trying to make is a way to price these goods, every time a person enters a town I want the goods to be priced at random numbers but be between two numbers for example maybe buying leather will always be some random number between 30 to 180 game currency but I don’t know how to work that out. Any help? Thanks

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There’s a random behavior block in the math’s section. Just have it so that it goes from 30-180 set to a global, name the global whatever you want.

For currency you also need globals,

BUT, saving currency and what a user has bought is hard if you’re going to do a big game so I suggest doing almost everything before you do that, so you don’t give up right away and actually make it through some of the project.

Welcome @Kurse!

@Yorkie2323 is right that the Random block is what you need for this, it will choose a random number between two other.

I also agree that your concept sounds pretty ambitious for your first game. It’s usually better to start by making a few very small and simple games to get the hang of things. If you are not interested in doing that, then the next best thing is to work on your game in small parts and just try to get one small part of it working at a time.