I'm Quitting Flowlab

I’m Qutting Goodbye all of the good people here :slight_smile: :face_holding_back_tears:

stop trying to make people feel bad for you, we all know you’re coming back.

All I said was I was quitting.

I’m not trying to make people feel bad.

And Im quitting for real I got better things to do in life.

like stealing art???

I I I I true but I’m quitting okay let stop the negative comments and let me leave this place in peace I want to live with peace and I want leave in peace.

Bye :wave:
It wasn’t nice knowing you!

Hope you find better things to do than stealing art!


Bye pingkiller try to make your own artwork :wave:


the best thing to do with these people is never respond lmao


Bye @pingkiller122

Who was this person?(And did he use flowlab assets or steal them from people)

I don’t want to continue this discussion any longer, since the matter is already done and went.

But PingKiller was posting art off the internet and supposedly claiming it as his own. I only seen one account of this, but a lot of the other users claimed he had done it a few different times.
Most browsers can compare photos to images on the web, so if someone posts someone else’s art from the internet, you can compare it and it’ll show you where the image came from originally.

So you can’t really get away with posting random art on here.


about time bru seriously

thanks. also is it looked down upon to use flowlab provided assets in games so I can focus on game play?

Typically not. They were added to flowlab for beginners to learn more on the coding aspect than the art right off the bat, so new users can quickly start making games.

I would recommend to only use them as place holders for the time being, since they have been overused on so many games. But technically, there isn’t an issue in using them.

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ok good because I use them in my game Monster Country. and I’m already adding gun-like weapons to my game.