I'm Remaking Castle Jump on Unity

Yes, it’s been some time, but I’ve decided to remake castle jump in unity, I can add as many things as I want and add better lighting and effects. and you can download it when it’s done. if you have an idea for the remake of my game please comment below, I’d love to have you involved in the remaking of this game.

Honestly, I think the game is just about perfect as it is @“Creeper Bones” , maybe just more checkpoints. Also, nice to see you back! It’s been so long! Are you going to be using FlowLab anymore, or just Unity?

Either way, I wish you luck, and a great day!

Nice tell me how it goes!

m8 this’ll be lit, I soon, will also be moving over to unity once I can manage to upgrade my computer"s RAM, storage, and get a computer dongle

i might use game maker2.

I’ve used Gamemaker2 before @“Creeper Bones” - I’d suggest it