im trying to make something follow me BUT not touch me at all and shoot stuff at enemies

I HAVE NO ENEMIES YET, if you say you cant, ima give you an award for no help. i know that didnt make sence but i dont care just help me

Well, it’s pretty tough, but I’ve pulled it off before.

Take a proximity and set it to the target object ( the one you want it to fallow)

Now take an expression, and leave A as is, but change B to how many pixels you want it to distance itself with, then set it to A-B (left) or A+B (right)

Connect the proximity’s X output to the expression’s A, and also connect it to the EVAL.

Then take an ease. Set it to “linear” and set the delay to 9.

Connect the expression output to the “to” input slot.

Take a extractor, set it to take X from itself, then connect the proximity X to. Then connect the extractor to the “from” input of the ease.

Do the exact same thing with Y, but do not use the expression.

@jngthree thanks

@jngthree what do you mean by “Then Set It to A-B (Left) or A+B(Right)”

Because the higher the value is, the further right it is.

If you want it to stay to the left of the character, use A-B

If right, A+B