Im working on a dungeon crawler.what would you want in it

so im working on a dungeon crawler I came to the forums to see what kind of mechanics would be great to go in it,so in the comments say some things youd like in a dream dungeon crawler

I would love to see a dungeon crawler with experience and different classes.

Also maybe different tiers of dunegons with different enemies and themes depending on level difficulty. Like goblins, trolls and mages, with the snowy, magma or indigo themed dungeon.

@glithctyrus we can help!!!
@thebrickccentric , @TinkerSmith and I have been working on extremely advanced coding that allows for RNG dungeons and AI enemies!

Ok @meburningslime @TinkerSmith @thebrickccentric I actually have coding for experience and stuff from my my old game the Embarking

Also the turn based combat game is still gonna be worked on


@tinkersmith ok but rn I want to do this I tried steampunk and I decided not rn but soon in the future hope you understand

@meburningslime ive begun working on the game rn and im getting the basics essentials and one of them is random dungeon room generation do you have anything like that?

@glithctyrus I don’t but it’s not that hard to make one. If you want to copy and paste, take @TinkerSmith 's but I cam make one if you invite me to the dev team.

@meburningslime link?

Here’s one that I just made.
Go to the level titled Top Scroller.