Image importing not working

I’ve been trying to import some images (pictures taken by camera) and after resizing them in the editor and pressing OK it does not leave the editor. In addition, the right side of the editor is blank. I’m not sure if this is because the image I’m importing is too high quality or it’s a bug.

We can still see it in the corner : )


There is extra space because the image it 320x330 pixels for example, so 320/32 = 10 (a round number), but 330/32 = 10.3125 (not a round number). So what the editor does is make the sprite 10/11 instead of what its closer to which is 10/10 because some of it would be cut off. Also if you tried to block the image out we can see it in the top left corner… :llama:

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yeah I’m kinda stupid if you didn’t realize ‘-’