Important Block To change flowlab: Hitbox


This block would disable and enable certain collisions. It’s like the enable block, but more specific (and it can still move). It also can have the type changed as well as output if an always goes into it. The able and disable inputs are self-explanatory while the collision allows the size of the collision to be changed. (inputting the number 80 would change it by 80%)

When you are editing the insides of this block the hitbox of the object is outlined in red for reference.


Screenshot 2021-11-18 174401


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Seems pretty cool :+1:

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I need this right NOW!


Enable and Disable is already what the Enable block does,
and the size of the hitbox is also what the Size% block does…

Changing the type would be interesting, but overall I think we need a Hitbox Editor.
Maybe set custom hitboxes or make hitboxes in the animations.

Besides that, most of this is already possible though.


When something is disabled it disables movement as well as other stuff. This lets you specifically turn the hitbox off and also change the types that it cannot collide with (player 1 can go through a block and player 2 collides with it)

Enable is turning off the hitbox,
It disabled the movement because there is no hitbox (collision), you can still use position.
If movement would stay on, you would move through floors or walls (or fly off with no gravity).

The second part sounds like you want layered collision where specific objects can’t collide with it. That would be something I would like to see and probably would go in the object settings. I’m sure this is what you meant, but its not what it’s demonstrating. (IE enable and size)

Yes but imagine you turn off all collisions to go through a wall and land on the other side, that would be a great logic game.

You know what we really need? Spawnable hitboxes. Like, instead of having a game object for attack hitboxes in a fighting game, you could summon a hitbox with a certain starting value.


This would be able to do that if you used the x y feature well.