Improve Behavior Play Test

When i’m in the behaviors and press test play (I don’t know what it’s called) the gameplay is really stretched.
is this a bug? I don’t know but it’s annoying when i test the camera and stuff

what does this mean

I think he means it’s either slow or laggy. I don’t really use the test play. I just watch the tutorials to get it right the first time. I’m sure there’s a tutorial for camera (Press the help button at the lower left of the behavior).

the play test camera is really stretched. what part of that do you not understand? @JUSTPLAINOP

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OOOOOOO! You mean it’s like literally stretched right?

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Could you share the game link and give a screenshot?

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see? it’s really stretched

Oofy. I’m sorry but I don’t quite know what’s going on with your game’s test play. Does it do this when you play it.

try reloading and give us the link like jr01 asked

your game has an abnormally wide to length screen ratio, and can’t fit the whole thing on screen with a letter box, so it just stretches it instead

i’d recommend using a 16:9 or 32:18 ratio since most computers and phones use that ratio.

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okay thanks!

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Are you with a page zoom not set to 100% (when editing the game)? That tends to affect the playtesting inside the editor view.

Also check your screen zoom in the pc settings and let us know, could be related to that too.