Improved Platformer Movement

Yes, I spent time and effort to finally make a movement system that feels nice to play with. It took many dedicated hours but with the help from @“Mhx Ar” and @grazer it has been accomplished. I present to you: movement that plays like an actual platformer.

This new movement system allows much more precise movement and control over where your going to land and mid-air movement. Overall it is a big improvement to out current default movement system and if you are planning on making a platformer I encourage you to use this.

Things to do after importing the code:

The first thing you want to do is set the raycasts to check for your ground object. If you have more than one ground object you will need to add more raycasts with the same angles. Your going to have to find where all of the raycasts lead but I may end up making a video representation for that in the future for less confusion. Once you do that you just need to tweak the jump force, fall force, and gravity to make your jumping feel as smoothe as possible. (jump and fall force are labeled in the code). So yeah there you go, I know it may seem like a hassle but trust me if you want to make a fun platformer, the movement needs to be on point.

Import Code: courtesy of @“JR 01”

If you have any questions or suggestions to improve this just drop it down on a comment!

thanks @XxCarbotxX