Only for u freemium cheaps. Although it would be handy, you are turning into a cold, stone-heart CEO corporate.

I mean, its not a bad idea, but it is not that good either. In-app purchases can change how some people may see a game or be treated in a game. For example, in the game Fortnite, where players use in-app purchases to buy the game’s currency (V-bucks) to buy in-game products, players have been bullied by others for not spending their money to buy in-game currency. Or in other games, like Clash of Clans, where you need real money to buy the Season Gold Pass, players are given a huge advantage for buying the pass, including extra loot and potions, which can be seen as unfair to other players who choose not to waste money on a game that is SUPPOSED to be for free.
Then again, you could argue it is a way to give players cool features at the expense of their money. I honestly wouldn’t care if in-app purchases was added, but I won’t use it at all in my games… at least on a large scale like mobile games normally do.

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@“meburningslime” and @“seamothmaster45”, it’s just an example. Chill.

Can’t believe just two non-offensive words/phrases would provoke this unneeded reaction.

@Super_Spring2688 then don’t make it such a big deal

1: I don’t think I am making a big deal here because I didn’t say anything to offend anyone or falsely accuse someone of wrongdoing. However, you decided it was okay to say “You just swore twice” over two words/phrases that you don’t like. Since when was “Fortnite” and “Clash of Clans” added to the swear word dictionary? Show me evidence if you still think they are considered swearing.

2: I am making the argument that I am not sure if in-app purchases should be added to Flowlab, and I am just making an example to prove my point. If you want to criticize my example, do it in a mature way. Not act like I am swearing in front of a classroom or something. I am a living, breathing, conscious human being that has feelings, not a robotic user that cannot react to overly negative feedback.

3: That’s not my username…

Now let’s just get on topic with the discussion and NOT falsely accuse each other of swearing! I may not be a moderator, but I seriously cannot deal with any of this.

You know, I’m not on anyone’s side here, because he wasn’t making such a big deal, but now you are making a big deal out of it, SO,
Let’s get back to what this discussion was originally about!
In-App Purchases, yes!
I think that’d be a great idea, but the idea would definitely need refinement. Because yes, it is notoriously known for being an annoying or unfair way to make money off of your game.
Simple, non-annoying ads here and then or simply making the game cost money are two great ways to make the dough rather than in-app purchases. Nonetheless, it could be a good idea with some work! Nice concept

Hey, so in-app purchases can definitely be detrimental to a game, but the reason that I haven’t implemented them (yet) is because outside of Flowlab they are a serious hassle to set up. You have to add each item individually in each app store (Google Play, Apple App Store, Amazon, etc) and then link all the items up using different ids.

In addition, the App stores require you to provide specific user interface elements for refreshing or updating previous purchases, etc.

The whole thing is pretty complex to assemble, even if the Flowlab “Purchase” behavior block itself is simple.

I’ll likely add it eventually, but it’s probably always going to be a big hassle to add purchasable items.

Maybe make it so when you add the “In-App Purchase” Block make it so it says: “Warning: setting up in-app purchuses isn’t just adding this block, go to Here to see how to set them up” when you add it